S4C Competition Winning Images

Many members of the TOPG compete in S4C's monthly and international competitions. We are happy to feature images that received the highest marks in these competitons.

Note on file size:

File sizes since October 2019 are relatively small, between 2-5 MB and should not be a problem downloading on any cable, fibre or WiFi network connection. Depending on your data plan, you may choose to download these on your phone or not. They will download fast regardless of your connection. However, files prior to October 2019 can be ver large, some exceeding 50 MB. You may want to avoid downloading these files on a mobile platform using your data plan. For those on a small data plan, this is very important. A wifi connection is suggested.

February 2020 43 Total Awards: 12 Awards, 31 High Merit
January 2020 31 Total Awards: 11 Awards, 20 High Merit
December 2019  45 Total Awards: 9 Awards, 36 High Merit
November 2019  64 Total Awards: 28 Awards, 36 High Merit
October 2019 First Competition of 2019-2020 Challenge Year
39 Total Awards: 10 Awards, 29 High Merit
2018-19 Season End of Year Judging - Award Winning Photos from TOPG (5.8 MB)
April 2019 S4C did not make file available.
March 2019 50 Total Awards: 21 Awards, 29 High Merit (55 MB) Large File
February 2019 50 Total Awards: 8 Awards, 42 High Merit (54 MB) Large File
January 2019 44 Total Awards: 15 Awards, 29 High Merit (45 MB) Large File
December 2018 29 Total Awards: 8 Awards, 21 High Merit 29 MB Large File
November 2018 47 Total Awards: 10 Awards, 37 High Merit (55 MB)  Large File

Earlier dates are NOT available.