Dues Payments 2022-2023

Membership fees for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group’s (TOPG) are due annually in September. Individual dues are $36.00, and additional members in the same family unit are $10.00 per person, the same as last year. Please see our article about annual dues payments.


2018-04 Print Competition - Motion

Horse Racing down the Track

Karen Kohn (Assigned: Motion)

Metro Train Approaching

Larry White (Assigned: Motion)

Mt. Fuji

Ron Bosi (Assigned: Motion)

Strike One

Mike Reyburn (Assigned: Motion)

My Blue Heron

Ray Laser (Assigned: Motion)

I Drove All Night

Pete Scifres (Assigned: Motion)

Down the Stretch

Hutch Hutchinson (Assigned: Motion)

Horse Racing

Lily Chang (Assigned: Motion)

Light Speed

David Khorsandi (Assigned: Motion)

Near Miss

Hutchinson (Assigned: Motion)

Basket Ball

Vinciane Gaussin (Assigned: Motion)

Water Polo Shooter

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned: Motion)

City of Angels

David Khorsandi (Open)

Butterfly Lillies

Debi Aquino (Open)

The Eggery

Ron Bosi (Open)

Pleased to Meet You

Ray Laser (Open)

Blue Ribbon

Pete Scifres (Open)


Roy Patience (Open)

Clouds over Paine Massif

Lily Chang (Open)