Dues Payments 2022-2023

Membership fees for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group’s (TOPG) are due annually in September. Individual dues are $36.00, and additional members in the same family unit are $10.00 per person, the same as last year. Please see our article about annual dues payments.


2018-05 Digital Composition Challenge - Using Light

San Diego Harbor

Rick Webb

Canyon Light

Larry White

Magic Light through Keyhole Arch

Lily Chang

Ottawa Notre Dame Cathedral

Ron Bosi

Alone in the Shadows

Terese Schwartz

Dancer in White

Debi Aquino

Black Lighted

Eli Peer

Sarcophagus of Wahibreemakhet

David Schwartz

Harmony the Cat

Tony Martinich

Antarctica Sunset

Rhonda Chapin

Sunset Pier

Michael Watkins


Steve Friedman

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, at Night, While High

Carl Volpe

Peace at Angel Vista

Alex Mladenovic

Apple Store 5th Avenue

Vinciane Gaussin

Space Fountain

Hutch Hutchison

Prague Castle at Night

Rick Webb

Reflective Shades of Light

Gary Chamberlain


Ron Bosi


Debi Aquino

Patagonian Glass

Leni Field

Reading By StairLight

David Schwartz

Iluminated Cavern

Rod Seeley

Dashing Look

Bob Tuchband

Night Fort Jefferson

Rhonda Chapin


Michael Watkins

Light up the Sky

Steve Friedman


Pat Ducharme


Randy Hall

Modernista Courtyard

Libby Hollombe

Elm Tree in Autumn Morning

Lily Chang

At the Getty

Vinciane Gaussin

White Tulip

65Hutch Hutchison