The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

2018-08 Print Competition - Black & White, Not Necessarily the Photo

Pups in Window

Rick Webb (Assigned - B&W) (also Print Contest)

Got Mail

Debi Aquino (Assigned - B&W)

Smell The Coffee

Larry White (Assigned - B&W)

My morning coffee

Vinciane Gaussin (Assigned - B&W) (also Print Contest)

NA-50 Lone Eagle

Hutch Hutchison (Assigned - B&W)

Break Time

George Firkins (Assigned B&W)

A Little Girl and a Big Wave

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned - B&W)

Oreo Cow in Dingle

Rick Webb (Assigned - B&W)

Solar Eclipse

Karen Kohn (Assigned - B&W)

Morning Walk

Debi Aquino (Assigned - B&W)

Skagit River Eagle

Chuck Ramsey (Assigned - B&W)

A Mirror Darkly

Tan Sackett (Assigned - B&W)


Herb Aist (Assigned - B&W) (also Print Contest)

Newport City

Vinciane Gaussin (Assigned - B&W)

Calla Lily 2018

Gregg Gillmar (Assigned - B&W)

Just After Sunset

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned - B&W)

Old Barn

Chris Chase (Assigned - B&W)

Tower of London

Rad Bosselman (Assigned - B&W)

Love the Smell of Rabbit in the Morning

Bob Peltzman (Open) (also Print Contest)


Pete Scifres (Open)

Get Out of My Way

Herb Aist (Open)


Roy Patience (Open)

Tiffany In Waves

Larry White (Open)


Hutch Hutchison (Open) (also Print Contest)

Bodie Church

Roy Patience (Open) (also Print Contest)