The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

2018-09 Competition Winning Images - Using Gesture to Tell a Story

Chasing Bubbles

Rick Webb

Here is Your Change

Roy Allen


Chuck Ramsey

At the Getty

Vinciane Gaussin

Need a Hand

David Khorsandi

Amish Tree Huggers

Stan Ullman

They Might be Mad at Me

Steve Friedman

I Am the King

Victor Dyck

Just One More Minute

Tan Sackett

Onward to Orbit

Roy Patience

On The Prowl

Gregg Gillmar

Just Between You and Me

Tony Martinich


John Hockett

Eyes Wide Open

Mike Reyburn

Pick a Good One

Roy Allen


Chuck Ramsey

At the Getty (II)

Vinciane Gaussin


David Khorsandi

Oh, Man, I am SO STUCK

Bob Peltzman

Watch Out

Herb Aist

Your Move

Victor Dyck

Kung Fu Bodyguard

Tan Sackett

His Living Room

Debi Aquino

The Ocean is her Drum

Lily Chang

Love My Horse

Terry Miranda