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Membership fees for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group’s (TOPG) are due annually in September. Individual dues are $36.00, and additional members in the same family unit are $10.00 per person, the same as last year. Please use our convenient PayPal link to pay your dues. It’s fast and secure. We strongly encourage everyone to use this PayPal method to avoid contact and help simplify our accounting and effort processing paper checks.

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Dues Options

If you prefer not to use Paypal, please mail a check to TOPG Membership at:

T O Photo Group
PO Box 941964
Simi Valley, CA 93094

Waiver and Release of Liability

Every TOPG member must sign a new waiver as part of the membership renewal process. Please use the waiver form found on this site. (Those who have submitted a waiver since July 2021 need not submit a new waiver.) Your signed waiver may be scanned or photographed and emailed as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mailed hard copy to the TO Photo group using the address above. (We prefer an electronic copy to make our processing simpler for the volunteers doing it.)

Contact Information

Thousand Oaks Photo Group       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PO Box 941964
Simi Valley, CA 93094

2018-10 Print Competition - emotion without people

Longing for Freedom

Larry White (Assigned: Emotion)

A Veteran Passes

Roy Allen (Assigned: Emotion)


Randy Hall (Assigned: Emotion)

Anger ane Fear

Pete Scifres (Assigned: Emotion) (also Print Contest)

Family Fued

Ray Laser (Assigned: Emotion)

Caged Anger

Chuck Ramsey (Assigned: Emotion)


Sherry Firkins (Assigned: Emotion)


Kit Wang (Assigned: Emotion) (also Print Contest)

I Wuv You Mama

Harrison Wang (Assigned: Emotion) (also Print Contest)


Terry Miranda (Assigned: Emotion)


Steve Friedman (Assigned: Emotion)

Fog Lifting

John Hockett (Assigned: Emotion)


Chris Chase (Assigned: Emotion)

It's the small things that matter

David Khorsandi (Open)

White Sands Yucca

Roy Patience (Open) (also Print Contest)

Ask Nicely

Debi Aquino (Assigned: Emotion)


Terry Miranda (Assigned: Emotion)

Lone tree at sunset

Steve Friedman (Assigned: Emotion)


Pat Ducharme (Assigned: Emotion)


Chris Chase (Assigned: Emotion)

Shadow of a Bike

Rick Webb (Open)

Holding On

Ron Bosi (Open)

No Boating Today

Roy Allen (Open)


Pete Scifres (Open)


Chuck Ramsey (Open)

A little Lady

David Khorsandi (Open)

Red Fan Princess

Kit Wang (Open) (also Print Contest)

Balanced Rock

Roy Patience (Open)

Milky Way over Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park

Lily Wang (Open)


Hutch Hutchison (Open) (also Print Contest)