Dues Payments 2022-2023

Membership fees for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group’s (TOPG) are due annually in September. Individual dues are $36.00, and additional members in the same family unit are $10.00 per person, the same as last year. Please see our article about annual dues payments.


2019-01 Print Competition - Hands

Love Hate

Larry White (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

Blocked Shot

Hutch Hutchison (Assigned: Hands - Print Competition)

Earthen Hands

Mike Reyburn (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit and Print Competition)

Creative Hands

Leni Field (Assigned: Hands - Print Competition)


Terry Miranda (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

The Artisan

Steve Friedman (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

John and His Bike

Ron Matson (Open - Digital High Merit)

Do I Have 2 Apples or a Pair

Bob Peltzman (Open - Print Competition)

Moonlit Night on the Merced

Steve Friedman (Open - Digital High Merit and Print Competition)

Steampunk Girl

Alex Mladenovic (Open - Print Competition)

Ships in the Night

Rick Webb (Open - Digital High Merit)