The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

Best Images in 2019 - Digital Composition Challenges

Painting With Light

Herb Aist

Shoot For The Sky

Larry White

Venice Beach Lifeguard Shacks

Larry White

The Road

Ron Matson

Green Mamba

Chris Chase

Morro Morning

Erin Donalson

Dead Tree Portrait

Lily Chang

Flamingo Silhouette

Lily Chang

Arch within an Arch

Lily Chang


Pete Scifres

Ladybug loves purple

Terry Miranda

Beach at Nazare

Assigned_Carl Volpe

Spring Bud

Assigned_Carl Volpe

Chilly at the Beach

Harrison Wang

A Million to One

Hutch Hutchison

Girl With Purple Braids

Assigned_Alex Mladenovic

The Land Of The Future

Alex Mladenovic

Lifeguard Tower at Sunset

Terry Miranda

Inner Sanctum

Assigned_Tan Sackett

Prayerful Thought - or Maybe a Nap

Carl Volpe

Hutch Hutchison

Oaks - God

Frank Perrotta

Beach Photography

Harrison Wang

Salt Mines, Krakow, Poland

Shoshana Brower and Leo Swartzburg

Steve Friedman