The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

2020-03 Digital Competition Challenge - Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Scott Harrison

It's not an Automobile, it's a Woodie

Roy Allen

Too Much Partying

Gary Chamberlain

It's a Ford

Ron Matson

Abandoned Truck under Milky Way

Lily Chang

Traveling India

Shoshana Brower

Armed and Dangerous

Chris Chase

No Texting While Flying

David Khorsandi

Old But Not Forgotten

Larry White

Where Am I

Kit Wang

Chatanooga Choo Choo

Bob Peltzman

Hubcap Mirror

Steve Friedman

Old Train, New Tenant

Tan Sackett

All Aboard

Lauren Anderson

Ace Maker

Hutch Hutchison

Vanderhall on 101

Alex Mladenovic

The Road Less Traveled

Noel Casaje

Wing Walkers

Roy Patience

Blue Angeles

Gary Chamberlain


Bob Trainor

Sally and Her Tractor

Ron Matson

Ribbon of Highway

Mike Reyburn

Onwards and Upwards

Chris Chase


Hutch Hutchison


Debi Aquino

Old MG in Ventura

Alex Mladenovic


Roy Patience