The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

2020-08 Print Competition - Roads

Trona Pinnacles Road

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned - First Place)

Mixed Signal

Terese Schwartz (Assigned - Second Place)

Western Ave to the Sea

Hutch Hutchison (Assigned - Third Place)

Rainy Road in Galway

Carl Volpe (Assigned - Honorable Mention)

Rainy Rush Hour

Debi Aquino (Assigned - Honorable Mention)


Mike Reyburn (Assigned - Honorable Mention)

Road on a Starry Night

Randy Hall Road on a Starry Night (Assigned - Digital High Merit)

Road thru Denali

Roy Allen (Assigned - Digital High Merit)

Road to Las Vegas

Bob Trainor (Assigned - Digital High Merit)

Highway to the Stars

Steve Friedman (Assigned - Digital High Merit)

Road to Winterland

Larry White (Assigned - Digital High Merit)

Blue Hour at Mono Lake

Steve Friedman (Open - First Place)

Temple of the Moon

Lily Chang (Open - Second Place)

Making a very Large Nest

Terry Miranda (Open - Third Place)

The Painted Desert

Noel Casaje (Open - Honorable Mention)

Last Dance

Debora Suterko (Open - Honorable Mention)

Flamingos Feeding in Walvis Bay

Lily Chang (Open - Honorable Mention)

Waiting for Breakfast

Kit Wang (Open - Digital High Merit)

Mono Tufa

Chris Chase (Open - Digital High Merit)

Spring Butterfly

Terry Miranda (Open - Digital High Merit)

The Bees Knees

David Khorsandi (Open - Digital High Merit)

Memories Of Seasons Past

Noel Casaje (Open - Digital High Merit)