The following images were judged to be "High Merit" by judges at TOPG photo competitions. Congratulations to our TOPG members.

2021-12 Best of Images 2021


Randy Hall (Assigned Theme: My Hometown)


Roy Allen (Assigned Theme: Shadow)

Egret and Shadow

Pete Scifres (Assigned Theme: Shadow)

Disney Hall In Shadows

Larry White_(Assigned Theme: Shadow)

One Butterfly Egg

Dennis Kneff (Assigned Theme: Odd)

Coreopsis and Vine

Dennis Kneff (Assigned Theme: Small World)

Humming Bird

Mike Macartney (Assigned Theme: Small World)


Noel Casaje (Assigned Theme: Geometry)


Gary Chamberlain (Assigned Theme: Geometry)

Union Station

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned Theme: Geometry)

Geometry in Nature

Harrison Wang (Assigned Theme: Geometry)

Methane Highway

Noel Casaje (Assigned Theme: Vanishing-Point)

Straight To The Ceiling

Alex Mladenovic (Assigned Theme: Vanishing-Point):

Light in the Forest

Rich Greene (Assigned Theme: Impressionistic)

Green Canyon

Bridget Bourgon (Assigned Theme: Slow Shutter)

Two Seconds Letchworth Falls

Rich Greene (Assigned Theme: Slow Shutter)

Star Trails over Trona Pinnacles

Lily Chang (Assigned Theme: Slow Shutter)

Tower Tech

Mike Reyburn (Assigned Theme: Technology)


Larry White (Assigned Theme: Repetition)


Rick Smith (Assigned Theme: Repetition)

Winter Mustard Stalks

Hutch Hutchison (Assigned Theme: Repetition)

Southwest Sunset

Chris Chase (Open)

Pacific Surfliner

Ron Matson (Open)

Alliance of Shadows

Noel Casaje (Open)

Cloudless Sulphur on Scabiosa

Dennis Kneff (Open)

Leaf #3

Ron Matson (Open)

Rancho Sierra Vista

Alex Mladenovic (Open)

Eucalyptus Bouquet

Terry Miranda (Open)

Look into the Sun

Lily Chang (Open)

Kirkjuell Mountain in Winter

Lily Chang (Open)

Bad Hair Day

Harrison Wang (Open)

Mountain Of Whispers

Noel Casaje (Open)

Palm Trees

Mike Macartney (Open)

Whispers From The Canyons

Noel Casaje (Open)

Angel Moroni Rising

Roy Patience (Open)

Safe at Home

Hutch Hutchison (Open)

Morro Rock

Chris Chase (Open)

Play for me

Steve Friedman (Open)


Hutch Hutchison (Open)


Noel Casaje (Open)