TOPG Coronavirus Impact

The Board of Directors has decided to err on the side of caution with the outbreak of COVID-19. Thousand Oaks Photo Group will suspend all face-to-face activities until further notice. This includes the General Meetings, Program Meetings, SIG meetings, Field Trips, and official Steering Committee Meetings.

People can be infected for up to two weeks without knowing they are according to the developing understanding of the disease. Many of the club members travel or have traveled recently to affected areas and the disease is moving rapidly in California. Our club has a vulnerable membership per the CDC recommendations which states that everyone over 60 should avoid crowds and public person-to-person interactions. Pleease see the following link for more information:

This is a temporary suspension of only the face-to-face club activities. The Board and Steering Committee will continue to evaluate the situation and restart things when the situation settles down. Members may make their own decisions about where they travel and photograph, as well as who they meet, either from the club or from outside. This temporary suspension means that the club does not endorse or support any face-to-face activities until the situation is better understood and/or resolves itself.

In the meantime the club will develop some virtual activities both on the club website and social media. There is little impediment to holding challenges and even judging online like S4C does. We also have an active social media and can hold Facebook challenges also.

Please feel free to contact any Board member about this (

TOPG Going Online During Coronavirus Closures

We are now functioning in a virtual environment. Photo competitions are digital only, and we present webinars and presentations via Zoom. New activities are always happening. Be sure to check out the online activities listed below.

Questions? Please feel free to contact any Board member via our Contact Us Form.