Ventura County Fair Photography Competition Gallery

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Congratulations to all the TOPG's winning photos. A gallery of all our winning images are now online. Congratulations to everyone who received recognition.Special congratulations to Terry Miranda for receiving Sweepstakes and way too many awards to mention. See the gallery now!

TOPG Award Winning Photos from the 2019 Ventura County Fair

2019-01 Print Competition - Hands

Love Hate

Larry White (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

Blocked Shot

Hutch Hutchison (Assigned: Hands - Print Competition)

Earthen Hands

Mike Reyburn (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit and Print Competition)

Creative Hands

Leni Field (Assigned: Hands - Print Competition)


Terry Miranda (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

The Artisan

Steve Friedman (Assigned: Hands - Digital High Merit)

John and His Bike

Ron Matson (Open - Digital High Merit)

Do I Have 2 Apples or a Pair

Bob Peltzman (Open - Print Competition)

Moonlit Night on the Merced

Steve Friedman (Open - Digital High Merit and Print Competition)

Steampunk Girl

Alex Mladenovic (Open - Print Competition)

Ships in the Night

Rick Webb (Open - Digital High Merit)