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2019-08 Digital Competition Challenge - Point of View

Tango Dancers

Ken Rehman

Something Fishy in Seward

Janet Goldberg

What a Racquet!

Gary Chamberlain

Shoot For The Sky

Larry White

Princess vs Hess

Mike Reyburn

The Road

Ron Matson

Dead Tree Portrait

Lily Chang

King of Wings

Pete Scifres

Three in a row

Terry Miranda

Charleston Cross

Roy Patience

A Bee's Beestro

Kelly Markowitz

Down The Stretch

Carl Volpe

I'm Free

Steve Friedman

Kinda Creepy

Debi Aquino

Double Vision

Sharon Yofan

I'm Watching You

Chris Chase

The Land Of The Future

Alex Mladenovic

Florence Street Artist

George Firkins

I Hate Grass

Cicely Pringle

Pickin' and Grinnin'

SheriBelle Karper

Alone in Purple

John Mclean

Morning at the Net

Gary Chamberlain

Vatican Steps

Larry White


Ron Matson

Quiver Tree

Lily Chang

Over the Edge

Pete Scifres

Inside a Sculpture in Trondheim, Norway

Shoshana Brower

Paws and Pearls

Terry Miranda

Sequoia Tall

Bob Trainor

Big Apple

Tony Corso

Tennis Anyone

Hutch Hutchison

The Chase

Carl Volpe

I See You Dinner

Kit Wang

Looking Down the Bells

Steve Friedman

Mouse Point of View

Harrison Wang

Young Giraffe

Chris Chase

Rolling On The Water

Alex Mladenovic