TOPG Scavenger Hunt

TMiranda scavenger huntLet’s have some fun and do a Photography Scavenger Hunt. There will be no judging, no critiques and no awards. This is just for fun and it should improve our photography skills too. There are 5 photography subjects for us to photograph and post on the Thousand Oaks Photo Group Facebook page between August 1st and August 25th. There are no limits on post processing. Get as creative as you want. And there are no limits on the number of photos you post or how often you post as long as it’s between August 1st and August 25th. You can photograph all 5 subjects or only 1 subject or any number in between. The idea is to encourage everyone to get out their camera and do some photography during Covid-19 stay at home. With that in mind, all 5 subjects are something that can be found at home, so you don’t have to venture out if you don’t want to. Don’t go through your photography library and find photos that fit the subjects. Instead, make new photos of these 5 subjects. The idea is to get everyone actively shooting now.

When you post your photos, please make sure to hashtag them with the subject of that photo. Here are the 5 subjects:


Now let’s start having some fun. Remember to post your photos to the Thousand Oaks Photo Group Facebook page.