TOPG Webinar Series - Online via Zoom

HDR Photography,
When to use it and why you shouldn't!
Wednesday, September 30 at 7:30 PM

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Host: Steve Friedman
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Steve Friedman will discuss the basics of HDR photography, when you should consider using it and when you shouldn't. The discussion will include a brief introduction to what High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is, how it came about, when you should consider using it. A brief description of popular HDR programs will be included.


We will start promptly at 7:30 PM, so suggest you join the webinar a few minutes before. TOPG does NOT provide Zoom technical support. We so strongly suggest you try and work with Zoom a little ahead of time if you are not familiar with it. Although not a requirement, your Zoom experience work better if install the Zoom app on your computer ahead of time. This is easy to do by downloading their app and setting up an account. For information about using Zoom, read our Zoom Videoconferencing Guide.