Santa Barbara Zoo Field Trip
May 26, 2021 at 9:30 AM 


Finally! Our first field trip in more than a year!

Join fellow photo club members at the Santa Barbara Zoo. We will be meeting at the zoo entrance at the time designated above. Be sure to make early reservations as the Zoo is limiting daily admissions. Tickets MUST be bought in advance ($19.95 for adults). Parking may be purchased at the same time for $11. See the Santa Barbara Zoo Admission Page for details.  

Please note: Due to Covid-19, there are specific requirements you must follow if you plan to attend this field trip. These include having a signed TOPG Waiver and Release of Liability on file and proof of COVID vaccination (bring a photo of your vaccine card on your phone). In addition, NO carpooling outside of household, and NO indoor dining or meetings. You MUST wear a mask the entire time you are at the zoo (a Santa Barbara Zoo requirement). Finally, you must also sign-up with our event coordinator via Eventbrite. eventbrite 200px

See your TOPG Club emails for additional details. See you at the zoo!