Resizing and Labeling Instructions

Photos submitted to our photo challenges must be appropriately sized and identified. Instructions vary depending on whether the photograph is submitted to the Projected Image or Printed Image Division:

Projected Image Division

The maximum resolution is 1400 x 1280 pixels (width x height). Having your images at the highest allowable resolution will be beneficial. You should also use SRGB color space for all digital imagery.

Digital images must be renamed in accordance with the following template:

category_maker name sequencer_image title

The category will always be either “assigned” or “open.” The maker name is the first and last name of the maker. The sequencer defines the order of presentation, 1 or 2, if you submit more than one image into the project image division. Finally, the image title is a descriptive title (not a file number). As an example, the following are sample file names:

Assigned_David Smith 1_Sultry Sunset.jpg and
Open_David Smith 2_Cool Sunrise.jpg

If you are unsure about how to resize your digital images, refer the following document:

Resizing and Renaming Instructions for Digital Imagery

S4C Competition Chair, Stuart Lynn, published a guide for resizing images. His guide is applicable to S4C competitions and is equally applicable to TOPG digital competition. We have reproduced the guide on our website:

S4C Guide to Resizing Digital Images

Printed Image Division

Print submissions may be any size up to a maximum physical outside dimension of 16" x 20" and must mounted on Foam Core or inside a rigid mat, (no paper mats, no double matting allowed). The outside of the mount or mat dimensions cannot be larger than a maximum of 16"x 20". Hard frames of any kind are not allowed, and prints may not be mounted behind glass or plastic.

A Companion Digital Image must be submitted with each print. These images will be projected at the meeting so club members can view a copy of the image while the judge is viewing in printed form. File size and naming of companion images follow the same guidelines describe above for projected images.

All prints must contain the proper labeling information printed on the back side of the print. You must include the following information:

  • Category (Assigned or Open)
  • Full name of the maker
  • Photo Title (The title of the companion digital image must match the printed image title.)