TOPG Webinar Series 

Lightroom Magic!

Creating Beautiful Backscreened Prints with Two layers of Photos and Text!

LR MagicHost: Darrel Priebe
Video Content: Lightroom Magic!
Downloads: Step-by-step instructions for Part 1. Part 2 will be provided soon.

Details: Darrel Priebe demonstrates the techniques in detail that you can use to create a backscreened print in Lightroom, and then overlay color prints and text on top to create a dazzling composite image. In this intermediate to advanced Lightroom presentation on Zoom we will start with a few pictures assembled with an eye for creating a multi-photo composite that tells a story of beauty and love. Using Lightroom modules in a creative manner, we will blend our images in ways that most photographers think can only be done in Photoshop. The result will both surprise and delight you!

See the webinar flyer for sample imagery and contact information.