TOPG Webinar Series  

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Host: Hutch Hutchison
Video Content: Landscape Photography, Tips and Techniques

Details: Hutch Hutchison describes concepts pertaining to Landscape Photography. This is a rather extensive subject to cover, and Hutch does an admirable job of describing concepts and techniques pertinent to Landscape Photography in this overview webinar. Hutch starts with the basics of compositional elements for landscape photos and follows with a discussion of a basic processing workflow that can be applied to Lightroom, Photoshop/Adobe Camera Raw or similar product. He also includes a brief discussion on equipment and discusses key photographers who have influenced his work.

George "Hutch" Hutchison has had a lifelong passion for photography, growing up with a father and grandfather who were both avid photographers. The advent of digital photography in the 1990's further stimulated and broadened his interest. He is an award winning photographer, Photographic Society of America QPSA, Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) Distinguished Fellow, Director, Chair of Interclub Competition and frequent judge and/or presenter at clubs and competitions in Southern California.