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2021 Photo Review Recap

Annual Photo Review (2021 Images)
Judge: Christopher Broughton

Once again, Christopher Broughton reviewed the best images from the previous year of photo challenges. In 2021, 226 images received scores of 8 or 9 during our monthly challenges. Of that group, he selected 21 images from the Assigned themes category and 19 images from the Open category. Chris stated that he had a tough time selecting images for this review since there were so many great images to choose from. He felt that all 226 images, having already been culled by our monthly guest judges, were "the best of the best." He explained how he tagged and labeled all the images that he would like to talk about, and then he selected images that were not similar to each other, stating that "if there's two images that are similar, one is stronger than the other." The images were not ranked or ordered in any fashion, and Christopher described the compelling features of each image as we went through the set of 40 images.

For those of you who did not attend the meeting and want to view the video, please select the following link:

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