TOPG Images of 2022 Review Recap

ChristopherBroughtonChristopher Broughton was asked to share his favorite images from the best of TOPG's images for 2022 based on our monthly photo challenges. We sent Chris a copy of every image that received a score of 8 or 9 over the past year, and he has painstakingly reviewed them. They are not necessarily the best images, but they are definitely images that Chris found to be notable to discuss with us. This was a daunting task. Of the 481 images submitted last year for our monthly photo challenges, 195 images (40%) received a score of 8 or 9. Within that group of 195 images, 128 were in the assigned category, while 67 were from the open category. Since the division of images submitted for review between assigned and open was roughly 72% assigned and 28% open,, we asked Chris to find approximately 40 images to discuss with the relative breakdown between open and assigned based on the percentage of submissions. Chris selected 22 images from the assigned category and 12 from open. As usual, Chris is an excellent speaker and he knows how to communicate the subject matter so well. We are very appreciative!

Chris started out with an excellent review of Figure/Ground, and then went in the image review. 

For those of you who track these things, 37% of all images submitted last year in the assigned categories received a score of 8 or 9, while 50% of images submitted in the open category received an 8 or 9.

Images of 2022     
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