TOPG Print Showcase
Saturday, April  22 at 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Our last print showcase was well received. Everyone liked getting together to share pictures and talk. So, we are doing it again. Club members may bring a print or two prints to share, and visit with your fellow club members. Light snacks and drinks will be provided by the club. You may bring a guest. If you do not have a print to share, then just come along and visit!

Presentation Opportunity

Makers will be given the opportunity to make a brief presentation about one of their photographs. You can tell us where and why you made the photograph. Tell us why you selected this particular print and why it appeals to you. Presentations are optional. Makers do not have to make a presentation in order to display prints. If time permits, makers may be able to present their second photograph as well.

Meeting Location

Grant R. Brimhall Library (Thousand Oaks Library)
Marvin E. Smith Community Room
1401 East Janss Road
Thousand Oaks CA 91362

Print Submission Information

Club members may display up to two prints. Prints may be any size up to a maximum physical outside dimension of 16" x 20" mounted on foam core or inside a rigid matte (paper mattes are not advisable). The outside of the mount or mat dimensions cannot be larger than a maximum of 16"x 20". Prints will be mounted via sticky-back Velcro-type tabs to the library's fabric wall. Hard frames of any kind are not allowed, and prints may not be mounted behind glass or plastic. There is NO assigned theme for this showcase.

In order for everyone to have a chance to view your prints, we ask that you arrive at 1 PM to display your prints and plan on keeping them mounted on the display wall for the full two hours of this get together.

Digital Gallery

We will post a gallery of all prints after the showcase is over. If you would like your images to be included in the online gallery, please submit digital copies of the same images to the TOPG photo entries email address (same email address used for monthly photo challenges) following the same file labeling instructions used for digital submissions with one exception: You must label your files using "print" as the prefix of the file name: Print_David Smith 2_Cool Sunrise.jpg.

Please submit all digital copies of printed images by the end of day on Saturday, May 29.


If you have questions about sizing, mounting  or naming digital files, please refer to our Photo Challenge Guidelines document. If in doubt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Note, this is a non-judged photo showcase.
  • Only current TOPG members may submit prints and digital imagery to this show. 

Current Ventura County guidelines regarding wearing masks have been relaxed. However, if you feel more comfortable while wearing masks, please do so.